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Sharing is caring pack – 24x

Choose your ideal combo and make a 24-pack assortment of small Go G juices, to be shared
with your friends or the whole family.

0,30 l

Family pack – 8x

Each day should start and finish with Go G juice and this is one of the best things that you
can do for yourself and your family. Regardless are you choosing Go G Apple, Go G
Raspberry or Go G Peach, you just cant miss with this combo made of our 8 large juices.

0,75 l

Weekend edition pack – 8x

Stock your fridge for the weekend with a selection of 8 Go G small juices and enjoy your
plans with our sooo tasty and healthy juices. Regardless are you going out for a walk, a swim
or just relaxing at home, one of our Go G juices is always there for even better feel.

0,30 l